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Dr. Fabio Ortega’s History of Abuse

The extent of the sexual abuse allegations committed by Dr. Fabio Ortega, a disgraced gynecologist, against his patients is finally coming to light after hundreds of women have come forward. If Ortega sexually abused you or someone you love, Helping Survivors can connect you with the legal resources you need to pursue justice and accountability.

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Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Fabio Ortega is a former gynecologist accused and convicted of sexually assaulting patients under the guise of medical treatment in the Chicago area.
  • Hundreds of Ortega’s patients have come forward and filed sexual abuse lawsuits against him and his employers, which allege various forms of inappropriate sexual behavior, as well as intrusive sexual questions and coercing patients to engage in sexual activities with him.
  • If you or your loved one were sexually abused at the hands of Dr. Fabio Ortega, Helping Survivors can connect you with the legal support you need to help you hold him accountable.

Who is Dr. Fabio Ortega?

Over several decades, Dr. Fabio Ortega, 77, treated thousands of women in Chicago as a gynecologist. He worked with the NorthShore University Health System and Swedish Hospital, which is now part of Endeavor Health.

Ortega was arrested on sexual assault charges, which also implicate his employers. In 2021, he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two patients in 2016 and 2017. Though there are hundreds of allegations against him, he was sentenced to three years in prison. He completed parole in October 2023 after serving just one year.

His medical license was suspended by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Meanwhile, scores of other former patients have come forward and filed sexual assault lawsuits against Ortega. They allege various forms of sexual abuse perpetrated under the guise of medical care.

Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Fabio Ortega

Over 300 women have come forward in a class action alleging that they were sexually abused by Dr. Fabio Ortega. Some of these cases have been consolidated, and several abuse lawsuits have been settled confidentially.

The NorthShore University Health System, Swedish Hospital, and/or Endeavor Health have been variously implicated in these cases for failing to stop Dr. Ortega’s sexual misconduct despite receiving numerous complaints. Allegations suggest that during Dr. Ortega’s 14-year tenure at NorthShore, several female patients reported sexual abuse and misconduct at his hands, which he masqueraded as medical procedures.

Sexual abuse allegations against Dr. Ortega include the following:

  • One victim went to NorthShore to procure a rape kit and was attended to by Ortega, who examined her breasts and used his fingers without gloves to conduct a vaginal examination.
  • Another reported to the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation that Ortega behaved in a sexually inappropriate and abusive manner during her appointments. He is accused of inappropriately commenting about her body, late-night phone calls, and pushing to meet outside of clinic hours and premises.
  • Yet another victim said Ortega inappropriately inquired about her sex life, including how she felt during intercourse with her partner. He also performed sexually stimulating “examinations” claiming they were “Kegel” exercises.
  • A fourth patient reported a sexual assault by Dr. Ortegato to Chicago police. According to the lawsuit, Ortega lewdly asked her about anal sex. The lawsuit also alleges that he nonconsensually inserted his fingers into her anus following childbirth.
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May 16, 2024

Doctor Sexual Assault: What Survivors Need To Know

Doctors and other medical practitioners are bound by a professional code of ethics. Understandably, many victims do not immediately recognize certain behaviors as sexual abuse due to their trust in the doctor-patient relationship. The existing power dynamic inherent to this relationship can take patients off guard when they experience abuse at the hands of a medical provider.

Even so, survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of medical practitioners have a right to be heard and pursue justice in the courts. If you have been sexually abused in a medical setting, do not wait to seek legal help. At Helping Survivors, it is our mission to help victims hold their abusers accountable.

Examples of Doctor Sexual Assault

Sexual abuse by medical providers is more common than you may think. The accusations against Dr. Fabio Ortega serve as an unnerving illustration of the wide range of sexual abuse that can occur in medical settings:

  • Coercing patients into sexual activities.
  • Examining patients in a sexual manner under the guise of medical procedures or wellness exercises.
  • Asking intrusive and inappropriate questions of a sexual nature.
  • Touching patient’s private areas without gloves.
  • Non-consensual penetration of a patient’s private areas with no medical purpose.
  • Watching patients undress as a means of achieving sexual gratification.
  • Attempting to meet patients for sexual encounters.

How To Report Doctor Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is often one of the most traumatic and heartbreaking experiences victims ever face, especially when the abuser is someone entrusted with their professional medical care. Survivors often do not know where to turn or what to do after a sexual assault.

We encourage victims of doctor sexual assault to contact Helping Survivors so we can arrange a free, confidential consultation with an experienced sexual abuse lawyer. Our compassionate team can connect you with resources to get you started on the path toward recovery and legal justice.

The first step in any medical sexual abuse case is to make a prompt report. There are a number of ways to report sexual abuse committed by medical providers:

  • Report to the employer and medical board – Survivors can file a complaint with the state board responsible for monitoring professional misconduct in the medical field. The board can then initiate an investigation.
  • Report to law enforcement – Survivors can also report sexual abuse to law enforcement. Investigators and prosecutors can use your report to press charges against the perpetrator.
  • File a lawsuit – Survivors may also pursue a civil lawsuit seeking compensation to hold sexual abusers and the institutions that enable them accountable. Taking timely legal action is an essential step in pursuing justice for survivors of sexual abuse.

Were You a Patient of Fabio Ortega? Get Legal Help Now

If you experienced sexual abuse or misconduct at the hands of Dr. Fabio Ortega, contact Helping Survivors so we can put you in touch with an experienced sexual abuse lawyer. It is essential that you file your sex abuse lawsuit before the governing statute of limitations passes. The deadline varies based on the jurisdiction you live in.

In all cases, however, failing to file on time will most likely result in your case being dismissed in court. The sooner you consult with an attorney, the sooner they can start investigating the incident and building the strongest claim possible on your behalf.

Steps To File a Lawsuit for Medical Sexual Assault

Filing a sexual abuse lawsuit is complex and requires the attention of an experienced attorney. Here are some basic steps involved:

  • Understanding your rights – An attorney with experience handling doctor sexual assault cases can explain your full legal rights and options. They can also guide you through the complex legal process required to hold the perpetrator accountable.
  • Gathering evidence – Your attorney will gather all available evidence to bolster your claim. Among other things, this includes medical records, witness statements, and allegations from other victims.
  • Filing a lawsuit – Your attorney will file a sexual abuse lawsuit against the perpetrator on your behalf. Though many cases settle before ever reaching trial, the threat of a lawsuit will encourage them to negotiate with you fairly. If they do not, your attorney will handle all the necessary paperwork and prepare your case for court.
  • Negotiating a settlement – Your attorney will negotiate with the defendant(s) and their representatives to reach a settlement that meaningfully compensates you for your damages, including physical and emotional harm. This often occurs during the later stages of filing a lawsuit, as many defendants want to avoid a jury trial.

The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Doctor Sexual Assault Lawyer

If you are a victim of sexual assault by a doctor, don’t hesitate to seek legal help as soon as possible. Our knowledgeable and compassionate team can connect you with a skilled attorney to aid you on the path toward justice, accountability, and compensation. Benefits of working with an experienced attorney include:

  • Legal knowledge – You need specialized legal representation from a lawyer with experience handling doctor sexual assault cases and who understands the pitfalls you may encounter.
  • Compassionate support – Dealing with the consequences of medical sexual assault can be emotionally challenging. We will connect you with an attorney who can provide compassionate support and guidance, ensuring your voice is heard and your rights are protected.
  • Compensation calculation – No amount of money can right the wrong of sexual abuse. That said, an attorney can calculate the legal compensation needed to provide a meaningful sense of justice and accountability, including compensatory damages for medical expenses, emotional distress, pain, and suffering.

If you are a victim of medical sexual assault and abuse, contact Helping Survivors today to take legal action.

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