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More than 1,200 sexual assault survivors helped since 2023.

Dr. Tyler Hurst: Missoula County Sexual Abuse Allegations

If you were a patient of Dr. Hurst in Missoula, Montana and believe he inappropriately touched you while receiving medical treatment, you have legal rights and options to seek help and healing.
Have you experienced sexual assault or abuse?
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Key Takeaways

  • Tyler J Hurst is accused of sexually assault at least 12 female patients who were seeking emergency room medical care and is facing multiple criminal charges in Montana
  • Police believe that more patients may have been impacted and are asking anyone with more information to contact them as soon as possible
  • If you experienced inappropriate touching or other forms of doctor sexual abuse by Dr. Tyler Hurst, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit against Hurst and his employers for the harm that happened. We can help you understand your legal rights and options and connect you with an experienced attorney for free today.

Who is Dr. Tyler Hurst of Missoula, Montana?

Dr. Tyler J. Hurst is a 33-year-old independent former emergency room physician employed by a local physician’s group that contracted him to work at Community Medical Center in Missoula, Montana. His previous employment history is unclear.

Current Criminal Charges Against Dr. Tyler Hurst - [July 2024]

Dr. Hurst is facing criminal charges by the Missoula County Attorney’s Office following doctor sexual assault allegations by several Community Medical Center patients in 2023.

In May 2024, Dr. Hurst pleaded not guilty to one count of sexual intercourse without consent, one count of sexual assault, and two misdemeanors of sexual assault. He appeared for his arraignment via teleconference from a Mississippi behavioral health and addiction facility. The judge ordered him to turn himself in to Mississippi authorities within seven days.

As of June 2024, he faces three additional criminal felonies related to sexually assaulting additional patients under his care in the emergency department at Community Medical Center. He has pleaded not guilty to these criminal charges. According to new reports, Hurst turned himself in, was booked on the charges, and was released back to the Mississippi behavioral health facility.

Dr. Hurst is accused of inappropriately touching at least 12 different women who were seeking medical care in the emergency department at CMC. The allegations include one victim’s report that after he touched her, he became aroused, apologized, and stated he “needed to calm down” before leaving the room.

A second victim recounted that she arrived at the hospital by ambulance due to difficulty breathing and low oxygen levels. Hurst allegedly touched her breasts and private parts, actions unrelated to the reason for her hospital visit.

In addition, Hurst allegedly provided opiates to patients and then sexually assaulted them while they were under the influence of prescribed drugs.

It is believed that Hurst may have additional victims. They are encouraged to come forward to both report any misconduct to law enforcement and speak to a lawyer about filing a doctor sexual assault lawsuit to pursue justice, accountability, and healing.

Were You a Victim of Dr. Tyler J. Hurst? Know Your Rights and Options.

Many individuals who have experienced doctor sexual assault may not recognize it in the moment. Additionally, since Dr. Hurst allegedly gave his victims medication, their memories of the abuse may have been affected.

If you were a patient of Dr. Hurst and were sexually abused or assaulted, including unwanted touching, forced undressing, or sexual assault, you have rights and options. Helping Survivors can help you understand these and help you understand the processes involved in reporting abuse to the medical board and law enforcement and filing a civil lawsuit against Hurst and his employers.

Report Abuse by Dr. Hurst to the Medical Board

If you haven’t already done so, you may want to report the harm to the Montana Board of Medical Examiners. Hurst’s Montana medical license was suspended indefinitely on June 6, 2024. However, additional reports can help state authorities understand the scale of his abuse and the scope of potential liability for his employers based on their knowledge of the harm.

We highly recommend you speak to an experienced attorney before filing a report with the medical board because what you say may impact your right to file civil litigation or the potential outcome of your case. An experienced doctor sexual abuse attorney can help protect your rights and ensure all processes are handled correctly.

Report Dr. Tyler Hurst to Law Enforcement

Dr. Tyler James Hurst is the subject of an active and ongoing criminal investigation. He is facing at least seven criminal charges based on accusations from at least 12 women who were his patients at CMC.

Authorities believe there may be more victims and encourage them to come forward. Statutes of limitations impose strict deadlines on prosecuting criminal offenses and filing civil lawsuits against Hurst and his employers, so time is of the essence.

To report abuse to law enforcement, individuals must contact the Missoula Police Department directly at 406-552-6300.

It is recommended that you speak to an experienced attorney before reporting to law enforcement. A knowledgeable and compassionate attorney can answer your questions, discuss the process, and protect and preserve all your legal rights.

File Civil Claim Against Tyler Hurst & His Employers for Doctor Sexual Abuse

Doctor sexual assault can have profound impacts on those harmed—especially given the inherent trust patients place in medical professionals. Thankfully, hundreds of doctor sexual assault survivors have courageously come forward over the last few years to help stop and prevent this egregious violation of trust by filing civil lawsuits against wrongdoers and the medical institutions that employ them.

Survivors of Dr. Larry Nassar, Dr. Paduch, Dr. Cheng, Dr. Broadbent, and others have taken this brave step to hold the perpetrators and the institutions that employed them accountable. While a civil lawsuit can provide monetary compensation for the harm, it can also help fix broken laws and processes that allow doctors to cause harm and abuse their positions of power.

Can I File a Lawsuit Against Dr. Tyler Hurst or his Employers?

If you decide to file a lawsuit, there will be no upfront costs as these types of cases are taken on a contingency fee basis—meaning that the law firm only gets paid if and when you win. Additionally, in Montana, individuals can file “under seal,” meaning they can protect their identity publicly by filing anonymously under the John/Jane Doe moniker or their initials.

A skilled attorney has the resources to level the playing field between you and the powerful medical institutions that will do everything to protect their reputations.

A doctor sexual abuse attorney can help you with the following:

  • Investigating and gathering evidence of the incident
  • Reporting to law enforcement, should you wish to do so
  • Filing a lawsuit against Hurst and his employers
  • Handling all communications related to the case, including with Hurst’s attorneys and the courts
  • Negotiating with representatives for a possible settlement
  • Filing the suit as a “John Doe” to help protect your information as applicable
  • Representing you in all court appearances related to the claims

Helping Survivors works with several leading law firms and can connect you with a lawyer who can support you in this process today.

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