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Utah Dr. David Broadbent Accused of Sexual Assault & Misconduct

Dr. David Broadbent is a former Utah obstetrician-gynecologist who is facing allegations of medical sexual assault, misconduct, and harassment of numerous patients. If you experienced sexual abuse under Dr. Broadbent’s care, you have rights and legal options, and

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If you are a sexual assault victim of David Broadbent, you may be entitled to compensation. A lawyer can help you understand your rights and legal options, provide critical resources, and pursue the justice you deserve. 

Allegations Against Dr. David Broadbent

Nearly 100 women have accused Dr. David Broadbent, an OB-GYN, of sexual assault. They allege that throughout his career, he took advantage of his position of trust to victimize patients in their most vulnerable moments, causing significant physical and emotional trauma. His victims included both adult women and underage girls as young as 14

Broadbent’s alleged misconduct occurred under the guise of medical care. His victims claim that he inappropriately touched their breasts, vaginas, and rectums without warning, explanation, or justification. These exams were often medically unnecessary to begin with. 

The allegations also state that Broadbent inserted his finger inside patients repeatedly for several minutes. Some patients allege that Broadbent used his bare hand during exams instead of wearing gloves or using a speculum, and one reported seeing an erection under his clothes while he touched her.

Many patients said they suffered physical pain and bleeding beyond what is reasonably expected from standard gynecological care. Broadbent often responded with no regard for his patients’ distress—one victim even claimed that he chuckled after performing a painful exam on her. 

Victims have also accused Broadbent of sexual harassment. He allegedly made inappropriate comments to patients, often complimenting their bodies in a sexually explicit manner and remarking on their sexual histories. 

Four of Broadbent’s former patients filed a joint lawsuit against him and other liable parties in February 2022. Dozens of other women joined the suit soon after. After learning about the lawsuit, Utah Valley Hospital suspended Broadbent’s privileges to provide services at the facility. 

Law enforcement is now investigating the sexual assault reports against Broadbent as prosecutors consider whether to bring criminal charges. According to the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, Broadbent has closed his medical office and agreed not to practice medicine while the allegations are pending. 

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May 17, 2024

Who Is OB-GYN Dr. David Broadbent?

Dr. David H. Broadbent is a former OB-GYN who treated patients in and around Provo, Utah. He received his medical degree from the University of Utah School of Medicine in 1974 and practiced medicine for nearly 50 years. 

Broadbent has been affiliated with several hospitals, including Timpanogos Regional Hospital, Utah Valley Hospital, and Orem Community Hospital. His private clinic was close to Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University, so many young women—many of whom may not have known what a normal OB-GYN visit entails—came to him for care. 

Broadbent specializes in general obstetrics and gynecology, an area of medicine focusing on women’s reproductive health. Through his gynecological practice, he has diagnosed and treated conditions related to the female reproductive system, both during and outside of pregnancy. As an obstetrician, he provides routine preventative care to women from adolescence to postmenopause. 

The Role of Hospital Negligence in Dr. Broadbent’s Sexual Misconduct

Several third parties may have contributed to or enabled Broadbent’s misconduct. Most notable of these third parties are Intermountain Health and MountainStar Healthcare, which own Utah Valley Hospital and Timpanogos Regional Hospital, respectively. Broadbent was an independent physician at both hospitals and attended births and surgical procedures at these facilities. 

According to the lawsuit, which names both health care organizations as defendants, Broadbent’s victims made multiple formal and informal complaints to the hospitals about his inappropriate behavior. In the case of Utah Valley Hospital, complaints even reached the facility’s chief administrator and chief medical officer, but they did not act accordingly. In fact, Intermountain Health continued to refer women to Broadbent’s private clinic for over a decade following the first complaints. 

A MountainStar Healthcare representative denied knowledge of the complaints, asserting that the lawsuit inappropriately names the organization as a defendant. Intermountain Health has not openly denied the lawsuit’s allegations. Instead, it has emphasized Broadbent’s status as an independent physician and has claimed that most of the alleged incidents occurred at his private office. 

If these allegations against the hospitals are true, they may be found liable for negligence in handling the complaints against Broadbent. By failing to take action and continuing to refer patients to him, Utah Valley Hospital and Timpanogos Regional Hospital may have enabled Broadbent’s predatory behavior and put more women at risk. This potential negligence could open the door for additional legal action against the hospitals. 

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for a Dr. Broadbent Lawsuit Claim

The Broadbent case is just the latest in a series of high-profile matters involving sexual assault allegations against physicians. For example, New York gynecologist Dr. Robert Hadden is accused of sexually abusing thousands of women under his care from 1993 until 2012.

If you’ve experienced medical sexual abuse under the care of Dr. David Broadbent or another physician, you don’t have to face the aftermath alone. You may be entitled to seek justice and compensation for the harm inflicted upon you.

A skilled and knowledgeable attorney well-versed in medical sexual abuse cases can help you initiate a civil lawsuit against the offender or other responsible parties. When you consult a victims’ rights attorney, they will compassionately guide you through your legal options and provide the insight necessary to make an informed decision about your next steps. Should you decide to proceed with a lawsuit, your attorney can handle the legal details on your behalf and give you space to focus on healing. Their assistance can level the playing field between you and the medical institutions that made you feel helpless for so long. 

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