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Solstice West RTC Abuse

For-profit companies such as Solstice West RTC tasked with helping troubled teens are too often the focus of complaints based on their negligence in protecting the children in their care against emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. If you are a survivor of Solstice West RTC abuse, Helping Survivors can provide you with resources to help you deal with your trauma and connect you with an experienced attorney if you want to learn your legal options.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Solstice West Residential Treatment Center in Utah has a history of abuse complaints.
  • Residents have alleged sexual abuse, a lack of adequate medical care, and other issues at Solstice West RTC.
  • Children who survived abuse at Solstice West RTC can report their abuse to the police, seek help from online and other sources, and pursue legal options with the help of an experienced attorney.

Solstice West Residential Treatment Center, or RTC, treats teenage girls with histories of mental health and substance use issues. However, many Solstice West have bravely come forward with complaints of abuse. In addition, one former resident has filed a lawsuit against the facility over neglect for failure to administer necessary medical care.

People abused at Solstice West and other treatment centers deserve to know their rights and options. Helping Survivors can provide you with resources and connect you with an experienced lawyer if you wish to know your legal options.

Solstice West RTC: An Overview

Founded in 2008, Layton, Utah-based Solstice West RTC is a for-profit residential treatment in the troubled teen industry. The program serves girls ages 14 to 18 with a maximum enrollment of 44 patients.

Solstice West provides cognitive behavioral therapy, equine therapy, substance abuse therapy, and other psychiatric services. The Utah Department of Health and Human Services also accredits its academic program.

There have been several allegations of abuse at Solstice West RTC from former patients, with at least one filing a lawsuit. People who spent time at the facility and were physically or sexually abused and neglected have options for reporting abuse and can seek compensation through legal claims.

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June 14, 2024

Allegations of Abuse at Solstice West RTC

Several former residents of Solstice West RTC have alleged that they experienced abuse and neglect at the facility. Many have posted about their experiences on online forums like Reddit and Yelp. Some of the complaints include the following allegations:

Several residents of Solstice West RTC have claimed that the company systematically removes negative reviews and posts fake positive ones. These social media posts represent allegations only, yet they paint a vivid picture of how some residents view their treatment at the facility.

Solstice West Lawsuits: What's Been Filed So Far

In January 2017, a former patient at Solstice West RTC filed a lawsuit against the facility. She alleged that staff ignored her complaints about a severe illness and claimed her physical symptoms weren’t real. She asserted that she was largely untreated for several days until a staff member finally took her to the emergency room.

The lawsuit further claims that after treatment at the hospital, the resident was diagnosed with severe sepsis, acute renal injury, dehydration, gastroenteritis, and hypotension. The lawsuit asked for damages for her current and future medical bills, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma. As of 2024, there is no information about the case’s outcome.

Did You Experience Abuse at Solstice West RTC?

If you experienced abuse at Solstice West RTC, you have several options, such as seeking help through online support groups. You can also get help through a therapist or by attending group meetings with other survivors who understand your trauma.

You also have the right to file a lawsuit against the perpetrator of the abuse and against the facility for its negligence in protecting you.

If you wish to pursue legal options, you must do so within the statute of limitations. In Utah, the time limit for personal injury claims, such as physical abuse, falls under a four-year statute of limitations. The time does not start running until minors reach their 18th birthday.

Childhood sexual abuse claims are handled differently in Utah. There is no statute of limitations for suing the perpetrators of childhood sexual abuse. If your suit is against a non-perpetrator, you have four years after turning 18. For abuse that happened before July 1, 2016, you have 35 years from your 18th birthday to file suit.

If you do not file your claim on time, a judge will likely dismiss it.

Report to Law Enforcement

Talking to law enforcement about a traumatic experience can be difficult. Typically, you must file a report at the local police precinct in the jurisdiction where the harm occurred. The police will investigate and provide the results to a prosecutor, who determines whether to press criminal charges.

After filing an initial report, survivors have little control over the criminal legal process. They generally have little influence over whether an investigation happens, charges are filed, or the perpetrator is offered a plea deal. However, it is tough for prosecutors to press charges unless a victim is willing to cooperate. This is especially true in instances with little evidence other than victim accounts.

In addition, by reporting the abuse, you create a valuable paper trail that can bolster your claim if you pursue a civil lawsuit. It may also empower someone else to report the abuse they’ve experienced. Some cases of widespread abuse have come to light because one complaint opened the floodgates to other allegations.

You are not obligated to report your abuse. That is your decision based on what is best for you. However, if you wish to seek justice and compensation, a police report that leads to an investigation can be very helpful to a civil claim. An experienced attorney can walk you through filing a police report if you haven’t done so yet.

File a Lawsuit Against Solstice West

Hiring an attorney to pursue compensation from Solstice West RTC for abuse is critical. There are several things an experienced attorney can help with, including:

  • Supporting you and protecting your rights: A compassionate attorney with experience handling child abuse and neglect claims understands the impact these cases can have on you and your family. They know how to support survivors and understand the legal landscape around these claims. They will keep your information confidential and explain your options to remain anonymous.
  • Collecting evidence: Gathering evidence on your own can be difficult. An attorney can collect witness statements from those who may be unwilling to come forward otherwise. They can also ask a judge to compel the facility to turn over information such as staff training records, incident reports, and other documentation under their control that they are unlikely to give up otherwise.
  • Ongoing support and legal help:Experienced attorneys know the deadlines for filing your critical court documents and how to build a legal argument that you deserve damages. Your lawyer can also advise you and your family on the best way forward, from reporting your abuse to deciding who is liable for your damages. Your attorney can also help you seek support from qualified local or national agencies that help abuse survivors.
  • Representing you in settlement negotiations and court: It is not easy to take on companies like Solstice West, as they often have teams of insurance adjusters and lawyers on their side. An accomplished attorney stands up to attempts to discredit you and fights for fair compensation before and during a trial.

It is never easy to decide what to do following an abusive experience. It is even more challenging when your abusers were supposed to be helping you. Talking to a lawyer is the best way to determine whether you have a claim for Solstice West RTC abuse.

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