Garbo's Mission

Garbo is a tech nonprofit on a mission to help proactively prevent harm in the digital age through technology, tools, and education.

Garbo’s educational content has reached millions of individuals and their background check technology found 1 in 6 searches revealed someone with a history of harm. However, in August 2023, they chose to shut down their background check technology due to ongoing problems with public records, threats from bad actors, and a lack of real support from technology platform partners. They recently released their guidebook, “The Essential Guide to Online & IRL Safety” which is designed to help people learn how to identify bad actors and protect themselves in the digital age. 

Partnership with Garbo

Helping Survivors has partnered with Garbo. This collaboration will amplify our support for survivors of abuse and violence by leveraging Garbo’s expertise in this space.

This partnership is significant for Helping Survivors as we strive to enhance our content and resources to be able to better equip survivors with the tools they need to navigate their healing process.

Together, Helping Survivors and Garbo are united in their dedication to improving the lives of survivors and fostering safer communities in addition to preventing future assault and abuse. Through this partnership, we aim to empower survivors with knowledge and resources, enabling them to reclaim their lives and build a brighter future.

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